About Novice Tea Club


 There is always that one thing in our lives that gets us through; through the day, the week, the month, the rest of the year or beyond. That “thing” will differ from person to person, but for us here at Novice Tea Club, it is a good experience. We are called “Novice” because within the tea community, there are thousands of tea connoisseurs, fanatics, addicts, and all around Tea-Pot Heads who posses vast shares of knowledge around all things tea; and for that exact reason we want to not only cater to them, but to the Sunday morning mint tea drinker, or the chilly afternoon novel and Darjeeling tea drinker, or even the relaxation-tea-after-a-hard-day-of-work- tea drinkers. Novice Tea Club wants to provide a unique experience to those who want a taste of expert tea enjoyment, without having to be an expert; and after, leave the experience being more enlightened, relaxed, and all around happy by the events end. We want the culmination of good tea, good company, and an enriching experience to be what gets you through your day, or month, or week, or year and beyond. Welcome to Novice Tea Club, where everyone is welcome for tea!