six month break

We'll Be Back in May

We would like to inform all of our loyal Tea-Pot Heads and supporters that due to unavoidable circumstances, Novice Tea Club will have to take a six month break from all club activities. Unfortunately that means we will not be able to hold the December 7th Teddy Bear Tea Party. Novice Tea Club will be using this time to refine our business and our events so that we can both avoid long breaks like this in the future as well as make every event both public and private a perfect experience for all. We will be taking time to also bring you new events, services, and merchandise, and expand on our horizons. 

We only had a few events this year, but every event was positive, and we clearly saw all of your love and support and hope to come back even better than before! We absolutely hope to see you back for our Spectacular Month of May, where we will be filling your calendar with fun events and surprises for the whole family!

Spectacular Month of May